By: Major Dr Pravin | February 21, 2018

Mouth ulcer

mouth ulcer treatment

Ram(patient name not included due to concern) 28 years male patient reported to our Malligai Dental Clinic and was very depressed and stressed .The reason was he was not able to bear the pain because of his ulcer in the mouth and was not able to eat properly. Because of this he had an unhappy situation with his family because the ulcer was recurrent in nature . This made him to come to the dental clinic, he was worried whether this could be a cancer. So he reported to our clinic. 

After checking the patient clinically and from  the history of his complaint it was found to be mouth ulcer due to stress (ram is an IT professional ) .So we decided to give intense relief by using the latest technology of LASER  for trea...

By: Major Dr Pravin | November 26, 2017

tooth sensitivity management

What is tooth sensitivity?

It is a sharp shooting pain felt on a particular tooth or teeth causing discomfort while taking hot/cold foods

Causes include:
1.Tooth decay
2.Wearing of enamel in case of fractured teeth
3.Worn fillings
4.Wearing of cementum and exposed tooth root
5.Acidic foods and beverages
6. Incorrect brushing techniques
7.Clenching/grinding the teeth

How will I find that I have tooth sensitivity?

If hot/cold foods, sweet, acidic foods/drinks, breathing in cold air makes the tooth sensitive/ painful then it is indicative of tooth sensitivity

Treatments for sensitive teeth:

There are variety of treatments depending on the cause for sensitivity

1.Desensitising tooth paste

2.Fluoride gel application

3.Surgical grafting techniques


By: Major Dr Pravin | November 26, 2017

Every One of us wants a great smile but a lot of us need help getting there. A

Smile is a curve that sets everything straight. Though there are various treatment

options like conventional braces,ceramic braces available the invisible braces 

has a special niche among the General Population.

What are invisible braces?

The invisible braces are used for correcting mal positioned teeth and are 

manufactured using advanced computer technology that predicts tooth 

movement making it possible for the removable straightening orthodontic


What are the advantages?

They are very very esthetic and invisible from long distances.They are very 

predictable and easy to maintain the hygiene during the treatment.The patient

 is h...

By: Major Dr Pravin | November 26, 2017

How to choose a dentist? or How to select your dentist?

It’s really tricky to choose a good dentist. Sometimes your family friends neighbours can recommend a good dentist from their experience.But what if you are moving to a new place like chennai or any place where you could see million dentists in a small area sounds little confusing right?Lets help you in choosing the Best Dentist in Chennai for an example ( you can apply for other geographical areas also)

The first thought which comes to many of us when choosing a Dentist is to go to a local dentist near by (a small dispensary type) or to a bigger corporate setup.The choice of choosing a Dentist as per our advice is to be done predominantly based on the procedure to be done or required fo...

By: Major Dr Pravin | November 25, 2017