• Tooth Jewellery 

    Do you want to place Sparkling diamonds on teeth ?

Tooth Jewellery

The professional solution for stylish tooth jewelry.

Tooth jewelry

Today most people who walk into a dental clinic come for cosmetic correction more than any disease as such. Current generation asks for clean, white, well aligned, sparkling teeth and a dental jewel for extra sparkle! These cosmetic procedures can be handled and managed only by specialists.

How is a tooth jewel placed?

There is no treatment required for the dental jewelry and is directly bonded to the teeth in the same way an orthodontic bracket is placed. This is done only after careful evaluation of the tooth and making sure that the dental accessories do not hinder the tooth in any way.

Firstly, the tooth surface is cleaned. Following this, the tooth jewels can be directly bonded to the tooth surface without preparation using a bonding agent and cement material.

The crystal glass stones are available in different sizes and different colors.


•  It is attached to the front surface (the surface is seen during smile) of upper front teeth.


•  There is no damage to the teeth as there is no preparation or reduction done on the tooth before bonding.

•  Quality materials are used.

•  The teeth jewelry does not leave a mark on the tooth.


The jewelry can be purchased online with brands such as skyce or Kryst, and you can report to a dentist for professional aid. If not inform your professional and it shall be made available.