How to get rid of tooth sensitivity ?

Major Dr Pravin
26.11.17 08:33 PM Comment(s)
tooth sensitivity management

What is tooth sensitivity?

It is a sharp shooting pain felt on a particular tooth or teeth causing discomfort while taking hot/cold foods

Causes include:
1.Tooth decay
2.Wearing of enamel in case of fractured teeth
3.Worn fillings
4.Wearing of cementum and exposed tooth root
5.Acidic foods and beverages
6. Incorrect brushing techniques
7.Clenching/grinding the teeth

How will I find that I have tooth sensitivity?

If hot/cold foods, sweet, acidic foods/drinks, breathing in cold air makes the tooth sensitive/ painful then it is indicative of tooth sensitivity

Treatments for sensitive teeth:

There are variety of treatments depending on the cause for sensitivity

1.Desensitising tooth paste

2.Fluoride gel application

3.Surgical grafting techniques

4.Filling / Root canal treatment

Daily care for a sensitive teeth :

1.Brush and floss regularly

2.Don’t brush too hard/too often

3.Use a softer tooth brush

4.Use desensitizing toothpaste twice a day

5.Change your tooth brush once in three months

How to prevent tooth sensitivity?

1.Brush twice daily not exceeding 2 mins
2.Use tooth paste that does not have high abrasive content
3.Floss once a day
4.Diet low in acidic foods and drinks