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Dental implants in chennai

Dental implants are the latest fixed replacement modality. It essentially resembles a natural tooth, with the crown corresponding to the artificial cap of an implant, and the titanium screw resembling the root of the tooth.

Implant placement is planned only after careful evaluation of your systemic health, quality, and quantity of bone at the implant site and other local conditions. Once designed, the implant is screwed into the bone and left to heal.

This implant takes around 3-6 months of duration to integrate with the bone. During this healing period, a temporary crown or a healing cap is placed.

Once healing is completed, the implant is loaded with a crown or a bridge, and the prosthesis is complete.

There are various types of implant ranging from a conventional two-stage implant to the latest development known as Nobel Bio care implants. Now lets us have a brief look at the types of implants

Conventional Two stage implants

Conventional Implants are implants that are made usually fabricated from Titanium alloy and are used typically in Dentistry by following the Branemark Protocol of Osseointegration. They are extremely safe and are used either for immediate loading/placement of the prosthesis or delayed placement in a healed bone situation and is given for functional loading. There are dependent upon various factors such as

·  The surface texture of the implants.

·  The design pattern of the implant screw

•  the diameter of the implant and

•  length of the implant.

These implant techniques are universal and performed in many parts of the world. In Malligai Dental Chennai we strictly follow the ICOI and ISOI protocols for successful loading of Dental Implant.

Basal implant treatment in chennai

Basal Implants are unique types of an implant which are very diverse from the conventional implants. They are positioned primarily in the basal bone (in the high-density bone of the upper and the lower jaws).They are specified for high torque situations which essentially means they can be used instantaneously for fixing artificial teeth within 72 hrs of the implant surgery. The typical implant situations require some amount of bone grafting and a healing period. Since the basal implants are placed only on the high-density basal bone, they do not need any bone grafting, sinus lifting, splitting etc.


1.Immediate loading can be performed.

2. Bone grafting is not required

3. keyhole techniques, so no extensive surgeries.

4.long implants and lesser chances of failure.

Zirconia Implants in Chennai

Zirconia Implants, typically known as metal free implants is a variant of Dental Implant which is usually made of a material known as Zirconia which is naturally mined, and it is ultra-biocompatible. There have not been any recorded cases of allergy to zirconia implants, and it is highly successful.

  • •  Ceramic dental implants offer excellent aesthetics, with an all-white tooth color, which resembles and mimics our natural teeth.

    •  A unique design, which eases the healing process and facilitates better integration with the bone.

    •  They are ultra-bio-compatible. The gum wraps around the implants in a well-ordered fashion, and again closely resembles a natural tooth and its gums.

    •  They contribute to a beautiful, healthier and an exceptionally natural smile.

All on Four Technique -Nobel Biocare Implants in Chennai.

Rapid improvement in the quality of life

The All-on-4® treatment idea delivers edentulous and patients who are soon to be edentulous with a full-arch fixed prosthesis. It is done by placing four implants on the day of surgery and giving a dental prosthesis like a crown and bridge over them. This immediately escalates the patient satisfaction – concerning function, esthetics, sense, speech, and self-esteem.


•  The treatment time is significantly reduced due to a few aspects such as reduced number of surgeries and hence decreased overall treatment time.

•  Slanting of the posterior implants eludes the need for additional time-consuming extensive bone grafting procedures,

•  Immediate loading shortens the time for teeth replacement.

•  Lower costs

•  The key advantage lies in the fact that the implant is not only less time consuming, but also the least expensive when compared to the other implant treatment modalities.

•  Stability even in minimum bone volume

Since the back tooth implants are tilted longer length implants can be used. This improves the bone-to-implant contact and escapes vertical bone augmentation. Apart from these, the tilted implants can also be stabilized in superior quality bone, reducing the need for cantilevers and helps avoid critical anatomical structures.

Dental implants are the choice of many doctors and patients these days. From the various list of implants in the market, an ideal customized treatment plan is done for you only after careful examination and evaluation, and then the implant choice is made. At Malligai dental we offer the highest success rates for dental implant procedure and do not hesitate to refer our detailed blog on Dental implants for further information.