digital smile design treatment in chennai

Digital Smile Design
Be the co-author of your own new smile.

With passing time, the scope of technology has improved multifold. Technology has begun to replace almost always everything in the world and has a profound advancement in dentistry.

Gone are the days where impressions of the teeth and bite were taken and mechanically sent to labs for cosmetic makeovers. Welcome to the world of digital dentistry.

The perfect smile is more than carefully aligned, white teeth. A classic smile is not when you have white, shiny or well-aligned teeth. Absolute perfection is when your teeth are in harmony with each other and even your face in ideal proportions.

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a recent digital conceptual tool that our dentists at Malligai Dental Hospital in Chennai utilize to create real, artistic and beautiful smiles. It is the current approach for accomplishing functional and aesthetic dentistry with high treatment quality. The DSD allows for careful planning and execution of a systematic treatment, and the best part is, you get to co-author in your smile design! It is an efficient system allowing us to perform procedures in a precise way.

The initial Digital Smile Design appointment takes about 45 minutes to an hour for a complete evaluation. It primarily involves taking photos and videos of the entire mouth and the face, to assess both dental and facial proportions. Study models are fabricated from impressions made during the appointment. After this evaluation, you can express your concerns over the planned treatment, and give your opinion and modify and finalize the treatment plan.

A mock-up of your planned new smile will be prepared for your following appointment. Your trial smile will be made ready, and you can see and also wear your trial smile mockup. There will be no unpleasant surprises, and that’s The beauty of Digital Smile Design can be appreciated only during this mockup, where you may be dazzled by your new smile. You will know precisely as to how your new smile will appear, and actual treatment begins only after your completely satisfied with your trial, which we are sure you will be.

An accident can never attain the brilliance of functional and aesthetic dentistry. It is steadily achieved only by a systematic approach for diagnosis, treatment planning, execution, and case maintenance.