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Veneers and Smile Makeovers in Chennai

A smile makeover is where dental expertise meets art.

Smile Makeover

A smile makeover is where dental expertise meets art.

Cosmetic dental procedures such as dental veneers, implants, teeth whitening, etc. aim at improving your smile and making it pleasing and beautiful. This essential is known as a “smile makeover” process. At Malligai, dental hospital we have an expert team of cosmetic dentists who perform artistic and fulfilling smile makeovers.

Many factors are taken into consideration before designing a smile. Each treatment plan is customized after careful study of your facial profile, the tone of your skin, color of your hair, teeth and gums to provide a refreshing and a beautiful smile.

An additional advantage of our clinical setup is that we do craft a mockup before actually undertaking the procedure. This is like a preview as to how your smile would appear post-treatment.

What change in your smile can make you more confident and happy?

Tooth Color –Discoloration of the teeth can be mainly due to a healthy aging process, habits such as excessive smoking and drinking and dietary habits. This would require procedures such as bleaching, dental veneers or sometimes even dental implants

•  Teeth Alignment –Alignment of teeth can be mainly corrected using orthodontic braces, Invisalign or minor cases even with dental veneers.

•  Spacing –Abnormal spacing between teeth can be both a functional and cosmetic complication. Mild to moderate spacing could be managed with direct composite restoration, dental veneers, whereas severe spacing cases may require orthodontic treatment.

•  Missing Teeth –Simple or multiple missing teeth can be handled efficiently using dental implants or prosthetic bridges.

•  Fragmented, Fractured or Irregular Teeth can be bonded using porcelain veneers to give a smooth appearance and improve aesthetics.

•  A gummy smile would require re-contouring the gums after careful analysis to enhance the appearance of the smile as well as the face.

•  Aging Face – An aging face (e.g., sagging cheeks) can be restored using specific cosmetic procedures such as cheek uplift, nose correction, chin correction, etc.

•  Tooth Length–Correction of short teeth could be done using composite restoration or dental veneers.


A balanced smile gives the appearance of proper proportion and good oral health. Hence get a smile makeover and feel refreshed and good as new.




A dental veneer is a cosmetic restoration mainly indicated for the front surfaces of the upper front teeth. It is a shell-like structure made out of porcelain which can be bonded to the tooth surface.



When is a veneer needed?

•  When a tooth is discolored

•  When the tooth is misshapen

•  When a tooth is fractured or chipped. and needs to be restored

•  It can also be used to correct minute gaps in the front teeth.


Procedure for Veneer placement

The shiny surface of the tooth has to be slightly ground, to ensure proper bonding of the veneer to the tooth.

The amount of enamel removed is equal to the thickness of the veneer. This is done to ensure uniform thickness to that of a natural tooth.

Once the preparation is done, an impression is made by your doctor and send to the dental laboratory. A shade matching is also done using a shade guide to match it precisely to your adjacent natural teeth.

The veneer is prepared and once sent, it will be glued onto the prepared tooth surface using dental adhesive cement. The excess cement shall be removed and minor adjustments made if may need.

How long does it take to fit a veneer?

It would necessarily require only two appointments. The first one is to prepare and obtain an impression, while the second one is for fitting the veneer.

What is the cost of a dental veneer?

 The cost of veneer various from place to place. Primarily it depends upon the expertise of the doctor and the quality of material used to fabricate the veneer.

Veneer is the cosmetic treatment of choice over these years. This is mainly due to the less invasive treatment protocol and an excellent finish a veneer can provide and dramatically improving the smile.