• Clear Aligners

    An alternative to traditional orthodontic braces

What is a clear Aligner?

A beautiful Journey to an attractive smile without conventional train-track braces!

All one has to do is wear a sequence of clear wafer thin transparent removable aligners, which will gradually guide your teeth from their present position to the new desired area to give you a perfect smile you always dreamed about!

How does a Clear Aligner work?

Clear Aligners can act as a substitute for traditional braces.

Similar to braces, clear aligners are also used as a tool that controls and guides tooth movement, but without those ugly metal braces. 

How long do i have to wear Clear aligners?

Dental aligners are advised to be worn for a minimum of 20 hours a day to reach the anticipated results.

It is mandatory to wear each aligner for two weeks before switching to the next one.


How Long is the total treatment?

The complexity of the case determines the duration of treatment. The length of treatment can vary from three months to even 48 months. In spite of these factors, clear aligners still have the added advantage of reduced treatment time than traditional braces.

what is my advantage in using Clear Aligners?

Advantages of orthodontic treatment with clear aligners

There are several advantages of using clear aligners:

•  It is way easier to brush, floss and maintains good oral hygiene between meals 

because clear aligners are removable.

•  Easy cleaning and maintenance of clear aligners.

•  Clear aligners are comfortable and do not bother your gums and cheeks.

How do i know it is right for me?

•  If you are about socially conscious about your Dental treatment especially orthodontic treatment, then clear aligners are the choices.

•  If you have inadequate time to maintain your oral health when compared to regular braces.

•  If you are a foodie, and indeed cannot agree to food restrictions, then clear aligners are for you.

•  If you are Celebrity and a Public Person like TV anchor, Media Person, etc

•  If you are active in sports, then this could be your only solution.

•  If you are sexually active, then conventional braces will be a hinder.

•  If you a professional/hobbyist singer or a flute player then the clear path would be the right choice.

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