What is Dental LASER therapy? How does it work?

LASER therapy is nothing but using Medical Grade Lasers are used to treat, heal all gum and oral diseases. The diode laser can specifically target unhealthy “gingival” tissues in your mouth that constitute gum disease. The technology was developed and perfected to be patient-friendly, dentist-friendly and successful.

Why to Use LASER ? What is my Benefit?

1. Laser is a painless procedure, and there isn’t a need for dental drills. So there is no need to be anxious.

2. Non-surgical management for bleeding gums (pyorrhea).

3. Painless root canal treatment by laser.

4. Cosmetic & facial treatment by laser.

5. Analgesic effect minimum Anesthetic requirement.

6. Single step procedure for TEETH whitening.

7. Issues such as oral ulcers and tooth sensitivity can be immediately relieved using lasers.

8. Effective Treatment of restricted mouth opening (OSMF) by laser.

9. Bloodless dental & oral procedure - so less or no swelling, pain & drugs.

10. Faster & better healing.

11. Laser assisted wisdom tooth removal.

How does the equipment look like?

What are the Uses of Lasers in Dentistry ?

1. Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser is more readily accepted as it provides better results in teeth whitening procedures and hence a better patient acceptance. Stains and discolouration can be effectively removed. Lightening the colour of the tooth by removing the stains is done by tooth whitening procedure. With laser bleaching, you can have whiter teeth in just one sitting.

 2. Root Canal Treatment

Canal Sterilization: Any residual tissue within the root canal can be burnt using laser by inserting a laser tip inside the canal. This reduces the chance of root canal failure.

3. Surgical Procedures under Laser:

· Gingivectomy

· Gingivoplasty

· pericoronal flap removal

· frenectomy,

· vestibuloplasty