How to choose a Dentist in Chennai like cities?

Major Dr Pravin
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It’s really tricky to choose a good dentist. Sometimes your family friends neighbours can recommend a good dentist from their experience.But what if you are moving to a new place like chennai or any place where you could see million dentists in a small area sounds little confusing right?Lets help you in choosing the Best Dentist in Chennai for an example ( you can apply for other geographical areas also)

The first thought which comes to many of us when choosing a Dentist is to go to a local dentist near by (a small dispensary type) or to a bigger corporate setup.The choice of choosing a Dentist as per our advice is to be done predominantly based on the procedure to be done or required for your dental problem.

If it is a small procedure like going for a tooth pain consultation any nearby clinic is adviced whereas if you are going for any high end procedures like jaw surgeries,invisible braces, dental implants the choice of choosing a dentist is either a speciality dentist or a corporate hospital with big panel of speciality dentists.

    In India ,our health system is not supporting dental health insurance ,which blocks many middle and poor people to get high end procedures as they desire .Also lack of knowledge about oral health cause lots of problem in teeth which in turn will affect the patients in choosing a good dentist because of pricing and other reasons.

In dentistry there are 6 clinical specialities to choose ,ranging from

 oral medicine(to find out oral diseases) oral-maxillo-facial surgery (to remove impacted tooth,jawcorrections),pedodontics(child tooth care),endodontics( for rct),orthodontics(correctingthemalpositionedtooth),prosthodontics(implants,dentures).So choosing a hospital with multiple specialists is always best because they are more professionally and technically trained in handling particular type of problems,which is best to undergo.

Geographic location

Choosing a dentist for treatment procedure which involves multiple visit is required to be done, close to your home or office where u can go and do .Most of the dental procedures requires 2 or more visits .From my experience most of the patients forget to complete their treatment in midway as their chief complaint of pain gets relived fast after their first dental intervention or second and for the subsequent visits invariably most of the patients miss them and if asked why ? patient will say,”I don’t have pain, so i thought treatment was over” this kind of issues causes more troubles for the treating dentist so choosing a dentist nearby makes it easy to get back for future correspond

After you have made your choice of particular dentist ,please ask your neighbours,friends in your residential area about that dentist and his reputation.if you don’t get any feedback,u can check with patient management sites like , practo ,Generally these platforms have reviews and feedback systems for the services of the dentist with which you can choose confidently .Any hospital with good reviews and recommendations is always a good try as these are the reviews from treatment experienced people to help others in choosing a Dentist

It is always good to go to social pages like facebook,practo,whatclinic to see the reviews so the quality of dentist and the clinic can be assessed .These reviews can be beneficial for other people searching for dentist.

after you choose the clinic

The following criteria can be noted like:

  • clinic working hours ( check whether the dr works both morning and evening)
  • check the office to make sure its clean,neat and orderly.
  • see how courteous are staff members.
  • observe the dentist and staff wearing gloves and other protective gear during treatment.
  • see what arrangements are made for handling emergenies outside of office hours.
  • see whether all the informations about all fees and payments are planned before treatment is scheduled.
  • see whether all your appointments are scheduled by sms and reminder for checkups are given conveniently.
  • see whether your records are maintained digitally for future reference.
  • see how much they take care of your needs
  • check their ability to clarify all the doubts with the help of visual aids like videos, photos of previous cases.
  • I think the above mentioned points will help you to choose the best dentist in any area.

Major Dr Pravin Prathip J


consultant Dental Surgeon and Implantologist

Malligai Dental Hospital


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