How to get rid of tooth sensitivity?

Major Dr Pravin
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What is sensitivity?

It is a sharp shooting pain felt on a particular tooth or teeth causing discomfort

while taking hot/cold foods.

Causes include

1.Tooth decay

2.Wearing of enamel in case of fractured teeth

3.Worn fillings

4.Wearing of cementum and exposed tooth roo5.Acidic foods and beverages

6. Incorrect brushing techniques

7.Clenching/grinding the teeth

Bacterial acid destroys the outer surface of the teeth exposing the inner layers 

leading to sensitivity

various factors govern tooth sensitivity

How will I find that I have tooth sensitivity?

If hot/cold foods, sweet, acidic foods/drinks, breathing in cold air makes the

 tooth sensitive/ painful then it is indicative of tooth sensitivity

Treatments for sensitive teeth:

There are variety of treatments depending on the cause for sensitivity

1.Desensitizing toothpaste

2.Fluoride gel application

3.Surgical grafting techniques

4.Filling / Root canal treatment

Daily care for a sensitive teeth:

1.Brush and floss regularly

2.Don’t brush too hard/too often

horizontal way of brushing causes wearing of tooth enamel in the neck region. Condition called abrasion, causes sensitivity

3.Use a softer tooth brush

4.Use desensitizing toothpaste twice a day

5.Change your tooth brush once in three months

How to prevent tooth sensitivity?

1.Brush twice daily not exceeding 2 mins

2.Use tooth paste that does not have high abrasive content

3.Floss once a day

4.Diet low in acidic foods and drinks

Where to go for tooth sensitivity?

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