10 things you should know about Invisible braces

Major Dr Pravin
26.11.17 08:05 PM Comment(s)

Every One of us wants a great smile but a lot of us need help getting there. A

Smile is a curve that sets everything straight. Though there are various treatment

options like conventional braces,ceramic braces available the invisible braces

has a special niche among the General Population.

What are invisible braces?

The invisible braces are used for correcting mal positioned teeth and are 

manufactured using advanced computer technology that predicts tooth 

movement making it possible for the removable straightening orthodontic


What are the advantages?

They are very very esthetic and invisible from long distances.They are very 

predictable and easy to maintain the hygiene during the treatment.The patient

 is having flexiblity to eat and drink whatever they want and they can place 

the aligner back in the mouth.They dont interfere in every day routine espc for singers,musicians,newsreaders and public personalities ,sports persons and during occasions like marriage etc.

What are the usage indications?

  • overly proclined teeth or overjet
  • overly deep jaw or overbite
  • crooked teeth

Why it is so expensive?

Anything which is having a high esthetic value is always little expensive.The 

technology behind this clearaligners is really patented and innovative.Its really 

worth buying for the comforts you will enjoy while using as mentioned above.It is manufactured abroad and then brought to India.

Who cannot use this?

Only restriction for this treatment modality is as it requires 100% patient 
compliance so anybody who cannot wear for 22hrs and cannot keep it safe are
 not ideal candidates for this treatment.

How is the pricing fixed?

The prices are generally calculated as per the following things
  1. Time
  2. materials
  3. skill of the dentist
  4. No of Aligners

What is the treatment duration?

The treatment duration is as usual like any orthodontic treatment ranging from 
12 months to 18 to 24 months(in cases of extraction)

What are the added advantages?

The added advantages of this technology is till the patient gets the 
desired result additional aligners can be arranged for the patient in the 
same package without added costs( by some companies)

What are the financial options?

The company generally takes 20 days time to manufacture.In Our 
Malligai Dental Hospital we often provide 30 days time to pay the advance for the treatment and the balance settlement.

What are the Pricing for the treatment?

we Charge ranging from 1 lakh - 1.5 lakhs with special discount for students
 and women .

Major Dr Pravin Prathip J BDS.,MD(A.M)FICOI,FISOI