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Zygoma Implant treatments in chennai

What exactly is Zygomatic implants?

Zygoma means malar bone.The cheek bone.Normally when we are planning for implant treatment in the upper jaw we need sufficient bone height and width for placing the implants.Due to poor quality of bone available in the upper jaw and also the presence of sinus in the upper jaw we always have poor bone in the upper jaw.So in order to place implants when there is no option to place the regular implants ,instead of the jaw bone we use the cheek bone with longer size implants as support.The advantage of this will be the implants will not get affected as easily like a regular implant from infection because of the longer size and the thickness of the malar bone is resistant to infection.

This approach is used for severely resorbed upper jaws and is designed to facilitate immediate rehabilitation with fixed replacement teeth. The zygoma implants are inserted in the back section from within the mouth, along with one or more additional regular implants in the front part of your jaw, or in the most sever of cases two zygomatic implants may be placed on each side, which is referred to as Quad Zygoma

Advantages of Zygoma Implants

  • Teeth is delivered in a maximum of three days
  • Artificial bone grafts are not necessary
  • The procedure is more comfort friendly
  • Mastication of hard foods like apple ,nuts, candy bar is possible after 3 days

Who are ideal candidates for Zygoma implants?

  • No upper jaw bone or complete maxillary edentulism
  • Complete destruction of pre maxilla and maxillary sinus encroachment
  • adults after 17 years to 40 years (heavy musculature)
  • people who wants to eat very hard foods

What is Quad Zygoma implant?

When you use four zygoma implants ,placing two on each side it is called Quad zygoma .This is one of the best way to restore the teeth due to high strength and four implant support.

How to choose a Zygoma Implant centre in Chennai?

The Zygoma implant treatment needs special setup.Malligai Dental Hospital in Chennai is one of the best setup in chennai where we have all the facilities for a Zygoma implant placement.

  • Zygoma implant trained surgeons
  • Zygoma implant trained Prosthodontists
  • Zygoma implant Anaesthesiologists
  • Zygoma implant trained Nurses