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How Bleeding Gums could affect your sexual life?

The story begins here..

Ramesh ( Name changed), 32 years old male ( IT professional ) reported to our Malligai dental hospital for the chief complaint of having bleeding gums.When Our chief doctor was interacting with him, ram gave a very peculiar story. The story is ,"He said that his wife is n...
Things you never know about Mouth ulcer

Mouth ulcer

mouth ulcer treatment

Ram(patient name not included due to concern) 28 years male patient reported to our Malligai Dental Clinic and was very depressed and stressed .The reason was he was not able to bear the pain because of his ulcer in the mouth and was not able to eat properly. Because of this he had an un...

How to get rid of tooth sensitivity ?

What is tooth sensitivity?

It is a sharp shooting pain felt on a particular tooth or teeth causing discomfort while taking hot/cold foods

Causes include:
1.Tooth decay
2.Wearing of enamel in case of fractured teeth
3.Worn fillings
4.Wearing of cementum and exposed tooth root
5.Acidic foods and beverages
6. ...
Benefit up your Smile and your Pay check also

Certainly there might be more truth than you assume to the term "million-dollar smile." Research has found evidence of a possible connection between your appearance and how much is in your paycheck.
In a study released by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, researchers found that good-lo...